Leveton-P® - is a natural vitamin supplement for increasing strength and endurance, designed for extra-class athletes. The supplement is made from plants which the company grows itself in ecologically clean areas of the Penza region in Russia.

The secret of the supplement lies in the combination of two unique natural components: bee pollen pellet (a plant’s pollen glued together with salivary secretions of bees) and Leuzea carthamoides (rhizomes and roots of the popular adaptogen plant Leuzea contain unique substances – ecdysteroids - analogues of human testosterone).

Leveton-P® demonstrates the following effects:

  • Tones up the central nervous system, improves the learning process, memory;
  • Normalizes the function of the endocrine system (anabolic and catabolic);
  • Promotes an antioxidant effect in the body, preventing toxic effects of free radical oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids
  • The supplement is able to prevent hypoxia, which almost always accompanies the intense workout;
  • It has an anabolic effect that must be maintained during intensive training to avoid weight loss and protein degradation in athletes with prevailing catabolic processes;
  • Improves microcirculation of cerebral vessels and working muscles by improving rheological blood properties;
  • Has a positive effect on the erectile function in men and libido in women.


    Dosage and Administration

    Standard regimen of Leveton-P® administration:

    • For active people (not athletes), it is recommended to dissolve 1 tablet sublingually two to three times a day for 20 minutes - half an hour before meals or an hour after it. After a 20-day course, the treatment can be repeated with a break of 15 days;
    • For athletes, it is recommended to dissolve 3-4 pills sublingually three times a day for 20 minutes - half an hour before meals or an hour after it, with similar courses - 20 days of administration and 15 days of break.

    In different sports and training approaches, variations in the mode of administration and dosing are possible.

    Due to the cumulative effect, the action of the supplement reveals itself to the fullest in prolonged regular use.


    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding, child age, individual intolerance (allergy to certain components of the supplement).
    • Due to the strong tonic effect, people suffering from increased nervous excitability and sleep disturbances should be attentive to the reactions of their body. In insomnia, canceling the evening intake can solve the problem.
    • Also, in case of severe hypertension and severe atherosclerosis, caution must be taken when administering Leveton-P®. Consultation with a doctor is advisable.