About Us

We offer non-scheduled pharmaceutical products with proven therapeutic value, high safety profile and attention of our customers. We are based in Moscow, Russia and strive to give lowest price for such products; for this reason, we constantly monitor the web and decrease our price if we found a similar product cheaper elsewhere. We are a reincarnation of two other websites: AmphX.com and TopBrainBoosters.com. We strive to combine unique product range, affordable prices and a lot of additional reading for all of our products.

We should know more about such products because:

A biologically active supplement or a chemical compound is neither good nor bad, provided that is is unscheduled, has very low toxicity, certain therapeutic potential and low addiction potential. For such products, it is the way that people use them that matters.

We should not be victims of big pharma patent monopoly and excessive approval procedures because:

An approval by the FDA does not necessarily mean that the product has the best trade-off between efficiency and side effects among all the various products out there. There is a large number of chemical compounds called nootropics that have been shown to be effective against some well-known brain illnesses and they happen to have fewer side-effects than some well-known prescription meds. 

We should be able to use off-label a product that is unscheduled, has very low toxicity, certain therapeutic potential and low addiction potential because:

There have been many cases when using non-scheduled psychoactive supplements and pharmaceutical products and supplements off-label was beneficial for the well-being of people. In particular: (1) A low dose of Anaprilin can help with performance anxiety. (2) A short course of low doses of Memantine can be effective for reversing tolerance. (3) A short course of low doses of HGH can be effective for longevity purposes. 

We should be able to use for recreational purposes a supplement that is unscheduled, has very low toxicity, certain therapeutic potential and low addiction potential because:

There is no distinct line between recreational and therapeutic. Such wide-spread products as Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine have more side effects and/or are less effective in terms of giving an energy boost, mood uplift, increased sociability than certain supplements. 

We should be able to buy high-quality generics at low prices instead of overpaying for original compounds when they are of the same quality beacuse:

Safety and efficiency of a compound does not depend on whether a drug is a generic or an original if both drugs are produced according to GMP norms and have the same active ingredients and excipients.

We offer genuine, pharmaceutical grade products to all people around the world at the lowest prices possible and because of this we only accept BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. We value each and every order, however small it is and have therefore no minimum order threshold. You can buy just one Picamilon for 4.20 USD and we will ship it to you. You can see AmphX launch post and some other feedback on our store on Reddit. We have been operating since May 2017 and have processed more than 1000 orders. We are looking forward to having you as our customer! 

You can always contact us at support@pharmaboosters.com